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Cesar Chavez Progressive

Ryan Petersen 12/2/09 Period 1 PPP Speech – Cesar Chavez Thank you for letting my speaktoday in the streets of California, it??™s my honor. Growing up, working in the farm I have witnessed the real truth of manual labor. Employers have abused the willingness of the workers. I have seen countless bright minds gone toRead more

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgeries should be a legal option for obese children and adolescents. PRO If used correctly and not abused, gastric bypass surgery in children provides a safe and effective means of reducing obesity. Risk associated with having gastric bypass is much less then risks associated with being obese. Gastric bypass surgery has less thenRead more

Cert Ed

Teaching and Learning Process Cert Ed (Level I) FEnto Evidence Page ref. Tutor OK How Students Learn 2.1 Understand the factors affecting student motivation, the forms it may take, and its influence on learning A B3 C As a learner myself on the Cert ed 2 2.2 Recognise students??™ abilities, styles, speed and level ofRead more


Dominance Issues in Gaskells North and South Alexander Egervary, English 151, Brown University, 2003 Class relations play a significant role in Elizabeth Gaskells North and South. But there is more to class relations than simply masters and workers ??” there is the relation between masters and servants in the home. This is a more traditionalRead more

Cert Ed Module 4

Cert Ed ??“ Module 4 – Evaluation & Action Research Assignment Project to Study & Research a Learning Programme for 14 to 16 year olds. Introduction; The Learning Programme Getting Started The student is provided with a brief text description of what this module is about. It may be beneficial to go through the textRead more


CLUB INFORMATION 2010/2011 PRESIDENT: Paul Wilson TREASURER: Alan Wells PO Box 91 Glenside 5065 0408 828 353 0403 168 505 SECRETARY: Lyn Wells PO Box 91 Glenside 5065. Ph: 8332 0627 (h) 0403 532 015 CLUBHOUSE TELEPHONE: 8364 1497 COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Catherine Berry, Michael Berry, James Partington, Fiona Wells, Lyn Zeidler SENIOR TENNIS CO-ORDINATOR: TBARead more

Cert Ed Mod 2

Introduction What is assessment Gravells (2008) suggests that assessment is a process of ascertaining if learning has taken place. Gravells adds that assessment enables the assessor to find out if a learner has gained the required skills and knowledge needed at a given point towards a course or qualification. ?  The assessment process in aRead more

Gasb Requests for Public Comment

? Evaluate the benefits of providing public comments to exposure drafts. The governmental Accounting Standards Board has a duty of expanding the standards of the state and local governmental accounting and financial reporting and other accounting and financial reporting communications that will result in useful information for users of financial reports. It is also aRead more

Cert Ed Bibliography

Bibliography: Casey, H. et al (2006) 1. National Research Council Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice (2000). How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. | Edited by John Bransford, Ann Brown, and Rodney Cocking summarizing recent developments on learning research. A must-read. | 2.Read more

Gasb and Fasb Analysis

GASB and FASB Analysis Paper University of Phoenix ACC/460 Government and Nonprofit Accounting Silvana Moffitt April 04, 2011 GASB and FASB Analysis Paper GASB and FASB have plans and objectives regarding reporting procedures for specific organizations. GAAP exists, but how nonprofit and governmental agencies record financial transactions and financial information differs from other entities. SuchRead more