Celta Language Skill

Assignment 1 Target language: 1 I??™ve lost my keys. | Form:Present perfect simple tenseSubject + auxiliary verb + past participle of the action verb. | Function/meaning:The action happened sometime in the past but the result is in the present or that action has continued to the present time. | Context/situation:I dropped my key somewhere andRead more


A3: Nationalism and Independence in India, c. 1900-49 The Morley-Minto Reforms 1909 The reforms were brought about by the Secretary of State for India, John Morley, and the Viceroy Lord Minto. They were intended to give greater representation to Indian interests ??? The Morley-Minto Reforms were the popular name for the Indian Councils Act ofRead more

Gandhi Quotes

Gandhi ???Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever- Gandhi??? This statement shows that life shouldn??™t be taken for granted, you shall treat every day as a blessing while taking as much as you can from each and every moment. Gaining knowledge before acting was a crucialRead more

Celta Intro

CELTA It is highly promising to engage in teaching English to the speakers of vernacular languages , in terms of scope to reside and work in foreign countries . Most try to seek the thrilling scope of residing and working abroad . The elementary teacher training course namely the Certificate in English Language Teaching toRead more

Celta Focus on the Learner

Focus on student: Ji Hyun Level: Pre-intermediate Word Count: 1231 For this assignment, I interviewed Ji Hyun who is a 20 something Korean. During the first day of class, I noticed that compared to other students, she had traveled to many different places. She had traveled to Guam, Saipan, and Hong Kong. She is inRead more

Gandhi Philosophy

THE AGONY OF PARTITION IN ???TRAIN TO PAKISTAN??™ Dr. Seema Singh* Every year on ???15th of August??? we Indians become witness to an exhilarating experience- ???The Ecstasy??™. The ecstasy of being a free country takes us down the memory lane where we contemplate the India of 1947. But then at once it reverberates of theRead more

Celta – Focus on the Learner

VICTORIA GODSALL NOVEMBER 2011 FOCUS ON THE LEARNER – WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 3 RAMIRO Ramiro is a 28 year old male from Alicante in Spain. He is currently in the upper-intermediate class. Ramiro arrived in the UK on 4th September 2011 and entered the Level 7 class. He is very proud of the progress that heRead more

Gander Mountain Company Profile

Gander Mountain Company Inc. Summary Gander Mountain Company Inc. operates a retail network of outdoor specialty stores for hunting, fishing, camping, marine, and outdoor lifestyle products and services. It offers outdoor equipment, technical apparel, and rugged casual wear and footwear, as well as firearms, boating products, auto TV products, and gifts and recreation products. TheRead more

Celta Assignment

CELTA Language related assignment I was going to phone you yesterday, but I forgot. 1.Generative ContexYesterday, I arrived home late. I got your message about Fridays party.I wanted to talk to you to decide which dress to wear and what to buy as a birthday gift for Linda,but I was so hungry that I decidedRead more

Gandhi Essay Passive Resistance or Violence

Kaitlyn Clark 18 September 2010 Draft 1 Eric Miller Passive Resistance or Violence Mahatma Gandhi dedicated his mind, body and soul to his nonviolent teachings. His main purpose was to get the world to see that violence is not the proper answer to conflicts and that passive resistance is the ultimate way to go. GandhiRead more