Atul Gawande??™s book, Better, is truly an example of the struggles that people of all different walks of life must deal with on a daily basis. Gawande breaks his novel down into three different categories: Diligence, doing right, and ingenuity. The focus of my essay will be on the second section, doing right. I believeRead more

Chaco War

Why did the Chaco War Between Bolivia and Paraguay from 1932-1935 take place The Chaco war is a war that was fought between Bolivia and Paraguay from 1932- 1935. Despite the fact that the Chaco war was very devastating to the protagonists, it remains one of the most obscure events in history. The war wasRead more

Ch. 29 and 30 Progressivism

Ch. 29 and 30 Progressivism: 1) Muckrakers: Journalists who attempted to find corruption or wrongdoing in industries and expose it to the public. 2) Robert LaFollette: Progressive movement leader; debater; libertarian reforms; Wisconsin. 3) Hiram Johnson: Californian Republican governor of 1910, helped break the dominant grip of the Southern Pacific Railroad. 4) Frances Willard: temperanceRead more


What parent would want their children to have any imperfections of life threatening diseases Genetic Engineering gives parents a sense of security by being able to have the perfect infant. The overall message that the director Andrew Niccol portrays through Gattaca is to ask ourselves if humans are taking genetic engineering too far, tampering withRead more

Ch. 5 Scarlett Letter

In chapter five, ???Hester at Her Needle???, Hester Prynne is finally released from prison, and although she is free to leave, she chooses to stay and live in a cabin on the edge of town. She remains alienated from everyone in town and earns her living by sewing beautiful pieces of work and selling them,Read more

Ch.28 Speech

Chapter 28 is what I have been asked to teach you about. It covers types of speeches such as 1. Impromptu 2. Extemporaneous 3. Manuscript and 4. Memorized. The fist which I mentioned is impromptu. This type of speech is considered spontaneous. This would fall into the category that you are asked to speak aboutRead more


GATTACA Essay: is perfection possible Everybody dreams of a perfect society, yet do we really know the consequences of such an event Such ramifications are portrayed in the movie ???GATTACA,??? where children are ordered and their every aspect chosen before birth. What we call natural births today are now called, god child and, invalid. TheseRead more


In my opinion, there are two movies from this course, which are very comparable. The Hollywood-esque “Gattaca” is a prophetic distopia concerning genetic discrimination in the early 21st Century. George Orwells classic “1984” is an even darker distopia (which was revealed as a great embarrassment) dealing with crude politics and oppression of the greatest giftsRead more

Gattaca Change Essay

Change Essay Intro Change is an inevitable part of life as we know it ??“ from science and technology to fashion and music, change is all around us. Through the study of the film ???Gattaca??™, directed by Andrew Niccol, and the song ???Drive??™ by Incubus, responders learn that in an ever changing world, despite dealingRead more

Ch 15notes

The Holy Trinity, with the Virgin and Saint John and donors by Masaccio This fresco relates to the Renaissance in a myriad of ways as it incorporates many aspects of Renaissance art and societal values during this time point. For example, the painting involves a barrel vault as well as Ionic and Corinthian columns, whichRead more